CAI assist the Irish Men’s and Women’s Aussie Rules Teams to win the duo.

Posted on August 30, 2011
in Aussie Rules International Cup 2011, by Dr. Tammy Verlaan-Ross

It has been such an exciting time working withboth the Irish Banshees (Women's Team) and the Irish Warriors (Men's Team) and to be a part of both of their amazing wins at the Australian Rules International Cup.  The partnership between the Chiropractic Associaion of Ireland and the Irish teams played a huge part in the wins with many players personally thanking the involvement of the CAI, acknowledging the role of Chiropractic care in keeping them at their physical peak, especially in such a physical game.  One player commented that without Chiropractic care, a shoulder injury he picked up during the tournament would have kept him from playing in the semi-final and the final.  Players also commented how both teams went into the final with no players missing with injuries. 

Many players had never been to a Chiropractor before and developed a respect for the benefits of Chiropractic care.  Players come from all over the country and I am deligthed to have been given the opportunity to increase the profile of Chiropractic in Ireland.

I have included some photos of players receiving Chiropractic care in the dressing rooms and even on the side of the oval.  There are also some photos of the victorious teams.

Many of the players and team officials have offered to give some testimonials of their experience.  Watch this space.