Straighten Up Ireland Week is here

Posted on October 11, 2015
in Straighten Up Ireland/World Spine Day 2015, by Dr. Tammy Verlaan-Ross

Today marks the start of the CAI's 7th annual Straighten Up Ireland (SUI) campaign. We are excited to once again bring this information to the Irish Public. SUI aims to educate people about the importance of looking after our spines and keeping them strong and flexible. Research shows that by prioritising a few minutes a day to exercise and moving your spine and body, you can expect to experience more flexibility, improved posture and less pain. This year our focus is slightly different with the 'healthy spine - healthy brain' theme.

There is exciting new research emerging from the field of neuroscience which shows that we need normal movement in our joints - especially the joints of the spine - for normal brain development in children, and maintaining normal function in adults. 75 % of people surveyed by the CAI recently said they would have 3 minutes a day to spend doing some exercise to help keep their spines healthy and flexible. You can download brochures containing this simple three minute daily exercise programme for both adults and children at 'Straighten Up Ireland'. You can also find your nearest CAI chiropractor there.

The exercises are not meant to replace professional opinion or treatment for existing conditions. We recommend seeking the advice of a CAI chiropractor if you are concerned with any problems in your back/ spine, or if you're unsure if you should proceed with the exercises. During SUI week we are holding a fundraising activity raising money for Spinal Injuries Ireland. If you're unsure whether chiropractic care can help you or have been putting off an assessment, this is your chance to look after yourself and give to a worthy cause. A €30 voucher for a spine and nervous system check can be purchased from 'Fundraiser for Spinal Injuries Ireland'. and appointments booked through your nearest participating chiropractor. T & C's apply .

Choosing a CAI chiropractor guarantees:

1. Your chiropractor is fully trained and educated.

2. Maintains annual continued education to stay up to date.

3. Upholds the CAI standard of practice and code of ethics.

4. Allows you to claim back through your health insurance.