Posted on February 08, 2018
in General news, by Administrator

The CAI's legal advisors have furnished the Department of Health with suitable amended wording that will satisfy both the department and the CAI's requirements.

The equivalent regulations in the UK, including Northern Ireland, fully recognize Chiropractors as qualified and competent to refer for x-ray and own and operate x-ray apparatus.  The CAI has self regulated itself modeling the UK standard.

In the recent weeks, we have noted Parliamentary Questions being asked and comments being made that Chiropractors, as not complying with current regulations.  We have written to An Taoiseach and requested his intervention on the matter, as well as requesting that he and Minister Harris, refrain from these comments.

We pointed out that when Chiropractors refer a patient to a private clinic for x-ray here in Ireland, they are in compliance with the current regulations.  Our capacity to 'refer' arises under regulation 14.4 of th 2002 S.I. 478/2002 European Communities (Medical Ionising Radiation Protection), Regulatons, which states:

"where a practitioner accepts a referral from a person who is not a prescriber, the practitioner is deemed to be the prescriber and shall comply with the duties of a prescriber".

It is on this basis, that we make our referrals and we also pointed out that Irish Medical Council-registered Consultant Radologists, have been accepting x-ray referrals from Chiropractors on an ongoing basis throughout Ireland for many years.  Radiologists also invariably provide signed radiological reports, back to the referring Chiropractor.  We reminded An Taoiseach that this has been happening in full view and knowledge of the Department of Health and the HSE.

Please contactyour local TD, by phone, e-mail or better yet, go to their clinic to discuss this issue. We urgently need your support to have Chiropractors inclued in this bill.    Dr. Tony Accardi, Chiropractor President CAI