Straighten Up Ireland (SUI) is an on-going community service initiative of the CAI, and is an  easy and enjoyable everyday program to improve your health and the way your body functions.

The Straighten Up Ireland exercises are like brushing your teeth for spinal health. Maintaining a strong and flexible spine is important for spinal and brain health.  Doing the Straighten Up Ireland three minute set of simple exercises every day will help improve posture, stabilise core muscle groups, enhance health and prevent spinal disability.

About Straighten Up Ireland:

Consisting of a set of simple exercises and taking just three minutes to complete, SUI will help improve posture, stabilise core muscle groups, enhance health and help prevent spinal disability.

The exercises can be undertaken by people of all ages with a special program tailored for children.

The exercises can be completed at any time of day but are most beneficial when they form part of a daily routine. It’s hoped that over time everyone in Ireland will take a few minutes every day to care for their spinal health, just as they do for their dental health.

Studies conducted overseas indicate that 90% of people who adopted the exercises as part of their daily routine reported a postural improvement. Approximately 80% reported that their backs are more comfortable and that they have better core stability after practicing the activities for several weeks.

For more information on Straighten Up Ireland download the CAI information leaflets:

NB. These exercises are designed for healthy individuals. Please check with your chiropractor or health professional before continuing. They are not meant to replace thorough assessment and appropriate care for spinal conditions

So go on, Straighten Up Ireland – it’s Fitness Fun for Everyone!

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For a short demonstration on how the exercises should be done please play the video on this page (video courtesy of the BCA).