Clinic for Sale in Beautiful Busy Cork Ireland!  The clinic is running for the last 18 years. The current set up is running at 20 hr/week and can easily be turned into a full-time clinic. There is an existing patient base to take over up to 60 visits per week with a patient data base of over 3000 patients. There is a full-time physical therapist working there, as well as 1 room is rented to a private clothing business for mastectomy patients. There are 2 chiropractic treatment rooms and 1 massage/physical therapy room. This is a very well-known clinic in Cork Ireland. Located in a medical centre in busy Douglas, next to a Dentist office and a busy GP office. There is a shopping centre downstairs and an elevator is inside.

There is roughly around 1 chiropractor for every 48,000 people in Ireland; imagine the possibilities! Beautiful English-speaking country with amazing beaches and great lifestyle and a gateway to travel the rest of Europe with easy access and low-cost flights; clinic is 10 minutes from Cork airport! Only entertaining serious enquires. Contact: for details.