Wellspring Chiropractic is looking for a young and vibrant Chiropractor who is willing to learn, grow and mould into a wellness chiropractor. We run a multi-discipline clinic with Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists on-site to provide the soft tissue work while we focus on the adjustment and restoring the health to the nervous system by removing subluxations! We have been open very successfully for the last 18 years.

We are looking for a chiropractor who is a great communicator, who is compassionate and understanding but who is willing to change to the clinic’s successful routines. If you are this candidate then you will easily get to 70-100 visits per week by the end of your first year. We are offering a starting salary of €30,000/year with a heavy bonus system above 50 pts per week. This is equal to 80k-100k/year if the chiropractor is confident and can keep their patients on care.

The new candidate must be willing to adapt to the current chiropractor’s style and technique. We will train you on how to carry out initial consultations and report of findings/recommendations in the same way as our current doctor does with great success. New patient consults are allotted 1-hour appointments and treatments are in a 10 min slots. You must be proficient with Diversified technique to start. We will teach you about the rest for example, orthotics, Graston and TheraBand rehab routines.

We have 2 clinics 20 minutes apart and you will be required to work in both. The candidate will have set hours and will shadow the current doctor until they can replicate exactly how these successful clinics conduct initial consults, ROFs, progress exams and treatment visits.

We have many advertising outlets both in print locally and online, radio and social media. New Patients who attend for their first consultation can avail of special offers ranging in price from free to €70. We offer discounted packages for people that pay up front for care plans and this can reduce the normal visits cost from €50/45/42.50. The patients choose their treatment plans and if they prefer to pay upfront for care or pay as they attend.

***We currently have a 4week back log of new patients for our Glanmire Clinic and a 3week back log for our Douglas Clinic. ***

It is a 2-year contract and we will have an option after 2 years, for the right candidate, to buy into the clinic for ownership. We are only looking for Chiropractors that are EU passport holders.

Please send CV to: admin@wellspringchiropractic.ie

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