Glanmire Chiropractic Clinic is one of Cork Irelands most successful clinics for over the last 15 years. We consistently have an abundance of new patients referred into our clinic through GP’s, advertising and most importantly, family and friends. This clinic has a solid, all-around procedure, that consistently runs this multidiscipline clinic smoothly and efficiently. We use Chirotouch digital systems and have an office manager who has been here for 13 years, who knows every inch of the clinic. We have an integrated phone system that allows for seamless communication inside the clinic. There are 4 large treatment rooms, a reception area for 8 seats, and a full kitchen and bathroom.

We have 2 Full time Chiropractors, a full-time massage therapist, and a full-time physical therapist that are seeing, in combined amounts, of over 200 patients a week.

We rent out treatment rooms after hours to a Phycologist, Acupuncturist and Reiki Practitioner. This is all passive income on top.

We run a very successful podiatry clinic using TOG software and consistently prescribe around 10-20 pairs of orthotics a month, through advertising and word of mouth referral.

Located on a very busy road with private parking, with a new development of 600 houses being built next to us, Glanmire Chiropractic is primed for growth of an even larger clinic.

The clinic is 100% cash with no outstanding debts or bills. We have over 15 years left on our lease with a very happy landlord willing to help out on a moment’s notice.

Our well-established online presence is superb with 5-star ratings on google, Facebook and many other links, which helps us consistently draw new clients.  This has helped us build a tremendous data base that we use for reactivations and referrals.

The current owner will happily stay on as an associate to ensure a seamless transition. This type of hand over for patients help maintain confidence and trust with the new Doctor. There are so many long-term families we take care of, we would prefer a very carrying, professional, trustworthy Chiropractor to take over this home we built for so many people. The number of lives we changed over the last 15 years is staggering.

This clinic is the only type on the market in Ireland and we are only entertaining serious enquires only. Please contact for more information.