The Chiropractic Association of Ireland (CAI) was founded in 1983. It is a voluntary self-regulating supervisory body serving the chiropractic profession and the people of Ireland.

The purpose of the CAI is to maintain professional standards, liaise with various government and health bodies, and to be a professional voice for Chiropractic. Currently there is no legislation governing Chiropractic in Ireland. This means regardless of proper qualifications or ethical standards anyone may call themselves a Chiropractor.

The Chiropractic Association of Ireland (CAI) is the only national organisation to insist that its members are trained to the highest educational standards and only graduates of ECCE/CCE/CCEI/ACCE* accredited institutions are permitted to join the association.

The CAI is the only Irish chiropractic association to be a full member of the European Chiropractors’ Union and the World Federation of Chiropractic. Membership ensures that chiropractic in Ireland is represented at the highest level.

For quality and safety only a member of the CAI should be consulted for chiropractic care

*European Council of Chiropractic Education/Council on Chiropractic Education/Council on Chiropractic Education International/Australasian Council on Chiropractic Education.